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The best way to burn fat

It's now time to look at what you can eat to allow your body to improve fat burning.

When we eat, the glucose and sugar harnessed from carbohydrates are the first & cheapest fuel sources. The liver stores the glucose in the form of glycogen and releases it into the bloodstream as necessary to keep us going.

Once that glucose runs lower, fat burning takes over. Harnessing energy by burning fat is referred to as ketosis. So human physiology tells us that we need to eat less sugar and carbohydrates to burn more fat - ketosis.

Scientific studies tell us the same:

A 1950s study done by Professor Kekwick and Dr Gaston Pawan where they put people on a 1000 calorie a day diet showed the following:

- Group A who were eating 90% of calories from Protein lost .6lb/day

- Group B who were eating 90% of calories from Fat lost .9lb/day

- Group C who were eating 90% of calories from Carbohydrates actually gained a little.

So basically to reduce calories from Carbohydrates you need to look at reducing the following types of foods:

- Sugar, fructose, Hi Fructose Corn Syrup,

- Grains (cereals, bread, biscuits, baked products)

- Fruit juices, Alcohol, Soft drinks

- Starchy vegies eg potatoes, Corn in very very low quantities

That still leaves the vast majority of foods that you can still eat:

- Meats, Nuts, Eggs, Tofu, Beans

- Dairy, Yoghurt, cheese,

- Vegies

- Fruits

Commons sense tells us that our ancestors did not have the fake foods that we now have such as Sugars, Soft drinks etc and when they did it was in very limited quantities.

So physiology, scientific studies, historical/population studies and logic all agree that this is what you must do to burn more body fat. Opinion needs to be left out – and we need to go on the above four types of evidence and start feeding our body what it needs to enable fat burning.

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