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Why dieting is bad for your health ?

For various reasons people get involved in dieting. Surveys indicate that 50% of women are on a diet at any given time.

However dieting can have harmful consequences ranging from: lack of energy, headaches, and hormone disruption to very harmful consequences: such as eating disorders, metabolic and hormonal issues, and mental instability.

Their journey, to achieve ideal body weight, if not well planned, may result in more complications and other associated health risks. This expedition is fraught with different dangers and unwanted results.

Eventually, these measures although undertaken to reduce weight yet contrarily they increase weight in some individuals …dieting is a regimented way of eating which restricts calories…often severely”

Restricting calories severely is most often unhealthy ending in a vicious cycle: Most people want to improve 3 areas - How they:

1) look

2) feel

3) perform.

And by far the number one is how they look. Most people want to look better. So if dieting and restricting calories is not the way then what is the way to do that ?

ANSWER: You need to burn body fat ! which will help with how you look, feel and perform.

Speak to us regarding our Ecal metabolic tester that shows if you are burning fat AND how we can get you burning fat within a few weeks.

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