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Intense Training

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ and T&C


By signing up to our gym you agree to all the terms below. 


  • Please ask us for help if you are really dedicated to achieving results.


  • Please swipe fob/phone at the entry even if the door is open as we need this for health and safety.

  • Please always bring a gym towel and lay it down on any machines you are using.

  • Please DO NOT do barbell presses on the bench or deadlifts after hours without a spotter.

  • Please be courteous and share machines with others.

  • By training in this gym you are assumed to have been cleared to train medically by a doctor. 

If you have health concerns please wear the emergency lanyards located throughout the gym.


  • We are a family gym. We are not a bodybuilding gym. Any unwelcome or illegal actions and we kick those members out &  and report to Police.

CHARGES; We reserve the right to increase weekly charges up to 10% or $2/wk with 2 wks notice on Social Media max of once/yr​. 

Damage to Equipment may be billed to you up to the value of $500. 

TAILGATING; If you let others in our system will pick it up and you will be charged $25 for each person you let in,  or if another person is using your fob

CANCELLING: 1 weeks notice required. Please email

PAUSE MBSHIP:  Email us on     MAX 8wk pause in any 12month period. 


How ? In 3 simple steps:

1. Download the Gymmaster app. (go to Apple App store, OR Google Playstore & its called "Gymmaster Member App" looks like this )

2. Sign in to the app using the email you signed up with + make up a password

3. Go to the front door of the gym (use our FREE wifi "Cooly Gym")  and  open your Gymmaster app, scan in as follows;  

Open app go to Home page      THEN        go to Home page Click on scan






Lastly Point your phone at the Tablet behind front door glass. The front door will unlock and you can enter. 

For long term members if you would like to get a fob please email us on

Enjoy the gym 😊

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